MongoDB Workshop

Aditya Gupta
May 11, 2021

Hello everyone. Hope y’all are doing extremely well and safe out there. Recently I’ve attended MongoDB workshop conducted by LinuxWorld informatics pvt limited under the guidance of none other than Mr. Vimal Daga.

  1. Introducing to dataModel.
  2. Basics of MongoDB
  3. Data Model and Schema.
  4. SQL Vs. NoSQL.
  5. MongoDB CLI commands.
  6. MongoDB Compass
  7. Schemaless.
  8. integrating MongoDB with Python
  9. MongoDB import tools.
  10. Indexing and aggregation
  11. mongoDB cluster
  12. Replica set and sharding
  13. Atlas: the MongoDB cloud,etc

Thank you LinuxWorld Informatics PVT limited and Mr Vimal Daga sir for providing immense and deep knowledge about MongoDB.

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